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This is my simblr, the place where I dump random pictures from my game and random babblings. Feel free to follow me or ask any question. I also post my stuff on LJ. Old TS2 contents and pictures can be found here.

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Anonymous asked: I play in the same macbook pro as you, I was wondering if you could take a picture of your in game settings? :)

No, I can’t take a picture of my settings because I haven’t the game installed on my laptop anymore. I am sorry I can’t be more helpful, I’d have totally shared my settings if I still had TS3 on my computer! :)

Anonymous asked: /post/31326555156/here-it-is-the-skin-i-rambled-about-some-time I CAN'T DOWNLOAD :(


Anonymous asked: Hey, lovely! Just a question: Did you put the link for the Nouk SciFi conversion hair down? Because it says error when I click the dl button o.o

I did not put it down, but all my downloads were deleted from all my sharing website accounts (dropbox, mediafire, etc.). I don’t even have any of the CCs I made on the computer I am using at the moment, so I am afraid I can’t help. I am really sorry, though, and I apologize for taking so long to answer you! I wish I could be more helpful, and I hope you manage to find that hair, if you’re still looking for it! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi! My english isn't so good. Sorry! :c Someone asked about Pinketamine's freckles... I have it! mediafire. com/ download/w5e5xs68ni17i36/FRECKLES_pinket_PookletHeartSwellsTS3_Blush.rar (remove gaps). I'm so sorry that you lost all your files :c I love your Binary Melody skin. Maybe someone who has this skin and other your files can share with us? Let's help our lovely Nilou! ^^ Have a nice day!

aw, thank you so much, you are such a kind and lovely soul! and your english is flawless, don’t worry!

so, to everyone interested in pinketamine’s ts3 conversion of pooklet’s “heart swells” freckles: HERE YOU GO

thank you again, i hope you have a great sunday! <3

i apologize for my cc downloads being unavailable. i don’t know exactly what happened with my dropbox and mediafire accounts, but apparently the stuff i kept there got deleted. sadly, though, i don’t have any of those files anymore on my computer, so i am unable to reupload them. i am really sorry, and i wish i could do more but i don’t know if it’s even possible to get them back!

Anonymous asked: Hi. I was wondering if you still have Pinketamine's TS3 conversions of Pooklet's heartswells freckles. It appears she had a bunch of files deleted from mediafire, no longer has the originals, and I can't find them anywhere else. If you still have them, could you possibly please upload them or make them available somewhere? Thank you so much.

i am sorry, but i don’t have any of my old ts3 or ts2 files anymore, including those freckles. i’d love to be able to help more, but sadly i also lost everything on my old dropbox account. again, sorry! i really hope you find another way to get them! <3

Anonymous asked: Hi there, I was just wondering if it's still possible to download your Bubblegum Face Skin? When I try to download it, Dropbox says the file isn't there anymore. The same thing with other downloads on your page. I hope you can fix it, or perhaps you have another reason? I just hope that i can download it again, because i absolutely love the skin. But I lost the file recently...

i am sorry, i have no idea of what happened with my dropbox, but i don’t have those files (or any of my old downloads) on my computer anymore. i am genuinely sorry i can’t help more, i really wish i could!


skeleton--song asked: Hello beautiful person! Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this on to ten of your favorite followers! ❤ (You've already done one of these so please don't feel obligated to do another but I wanted to pass it on. ♥)

thank you so much for this, jessy! you’re so sweet! :)

  • i’m panicking right now because feelings.
  • but it is raining and i am in my bed wrapped in a blanket, so it’s not that bad being confused.
  • if you have nothing to do and you like music you may listen to this because it’s really good, at least imo.
  • i’ve been sick for all the weekend and while it makes me sad that i couldn’t go out, i also enjoyed being in bed and resting
  • the linguistics class i am following this semester is more fun than expected

haha, these are pretty pointless, sorry! :)

this is what happens when you listen to sky ferreira on repeat - you end up making sims with peroxide blonde hair and dark roots and sad eyebrows.

this is what happens when you listen to sky ferreira on repeat - you end up making sims with peroxide blonde hair and dark roots and sad eyebrows.


Since I missed Nilou so much, I made a sim inspired by her lovely pictures!

she is too cute, and you are too sweet. seriously. <3

Anonymous asked: What happened to the Bruttoni legacy? I miss them :(

i lost them when i unistalled ts3 a few months ago. i don’t think i am going to remake them or even start a new legacy because i don’t have enough time and dedication to update it regularly, but i miss them too sometimes! 

i hope that you’re having a lovely sunday, despite this shocking revelation, hehe! :)

Anonymous asked: You're still hot

still? with respect to when, haha? anyways, thank you. compliments are great, and you’re nice! :)

hylasims asked: Hello beautiful person. Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this into ten of your favorite followers! ❤

(warning: these are going to be boring and pathetically vapid)
  • i’m quite excited about tomorrow because i have a two-hour class with the guy i’m crushing on big times
  • i’ve only slept five hours tonight because i randomly woke up really early even if i wasn’t supposed to
  • i’m broke because clothing > wise life choices
  • i want to play sims but i am too lazy to drag myself out of bed to find my laptop charger
  • pizza. i really want some.

thank you so much for sending me this, bb <3

Anonymous asked: is that you for real?

haha, yes, of course it’s me! why?